Products and solutions

We specialize in adapting existing product inventory to provide customized solutions to businesses regionally and globally. Our services include white labeling, licensing, and reselling, enabling your company to stay at the forefront of innovation in your industry.

Parcel and Logistics Technology Stack

Our suite of ready-to-market modules provides end-to-end solutions for parcels and logistics operations, from A-Z.

First and Last Mile

Our API first cloud technology handles the entire shipment process. from scheduling and booking, to collection, sorting, and delivery.

Courier Accounting

Our technologv simplifies customer invoicing and billing for other parties involved in courier operations.

Courier and Postal Integration Catalog

We offer ready-built integrations with over 30 carriers to streamline courier and postal operations.

Warehousing & Fulfillment Services

Our API-first cloud technoloay provides end-to-end order processing functions required by retailers who outsource these functions.

Returns Management Technology

We provide a white-labeled portal for logistics providers to offer return services to your end-customers.

Industry Neutral Enablement Services

Our services provide a range of tools, including APIs, middleware, and SaaS to support and streamline your business processes.


Our modern middleware provides streamlined solutions that address end-to-end logistics and shipping integration requirements.

Report Automation

Our API-first cloud technology enables easy authoring, customize & deploy reports into systems.

Verification Services

Our suite of APIs automates common verification tasks, including. KYC, geo-coding, phone number validation, and more.

Payment Management Service

Our service handles payment requests generation, online payment processing and necessary reporting functionalities for seamless financial operations.

Blank CRM

Our SaaS CRM solution is designed specifically for SMEs, helping to manage all relationships, streamline processes, and improve your business profitability.


Our middleware mediates between businesses to exchange data without the complexities of AS2, providing a simple solution for data exchange.

Additional Industry Solutions

Our industry-tailored ready-to-market technology solutions are designed to automate specific operations within your industry.

Motor Insurance Claim Mgt Solution

Our solution helps insurance companies manage motor claims, from the involvement of police officers until the vehicle is repaired and returned to the owner.


We offer an event planning and ticket sales platform to simplify and streamline the event planning process.


Our HR SaaS suite provides a comprehensive solution to manage human resource! and related processes.

Jibli App

Our demand-based e-commerce platform connects people who need products from abroad with those who are willing to purchase and deliver them.

Asfar Plus

We provide a solution that helps tourists find and obtain the best tourism services and facilities.